Torp TC500 VS TC1000 Controller Upgrades
For Sur-Ron Light Bee

When comparing the plug-and-play Torp TC500 and TC1000 Controller upgrades for Sur-Ron Light Bee electric motorbikes, there are several factors to consider. The Torp TC500 is an excellent controller, especially when paired with a 72V battery upgrade. However, the Torp TC1000 is recommended if you plan on upgrading to a high-power motor in addition to a 72V battery. Torp TC1000 is the most power-dense controller for Sur-Ron / Segway. Compared to the TC500, the TC1000 can handle 2X more power and is only 30% larger in size. Both controllers are perfectly designed to fit the Sur-Ron Light Bee and Segway X260 e-bikes.

Torp Controller Power Comparison

Performance and community feedback speaks volumes. Torp’s popularity has grown because they are the best controller upgrades for Sur-Ron and Segway electric bikes. The estimates below are used to compare the max power output of the Sur-Ron Light Bee stock components with Torp Controllers, most 72V battery upgrades, and the high-power TM25 Motor.

Sur-Ron Light Bee X Stock
TC500 Controller + Stock Battery
TC500 Controller + 72V Battery
TC500 + 72V Battery + TM25 Motor
TC1000 + 72V Battery + TM25 Motor

*For some versions of the Sur-Ron Light Bee in sports mode, the max power output is 5kW.

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Compare TC500 VS TC1000 Controller

Compare Torp TC500 and TC1000 Controller price and basic specs. For more product details, click on either controller. Note: max power refers to their maximum capabilities, not the actual performance of each controller. In order to illustrate how Torp Controllers actually perform, we’ve evaluated them with stock and aftermarket 72V battery and motor upgrades as shown above.


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