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Ohlins Shock Absorber TTX22M With Ohlins 411 Spring


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Ohlins Shock Absorber TTX22M with Ohlins 411 Spring for Sur-Ron, Segway, Talaria electric motorbikes. This product is sold as a package and includes the Ohlins TTX22M Shock Absorber, Ohlins 411 Coil Spring, and the mounting hardware for Sur-Ron, Segway, or Talaria.

TTX22M Size: 10.5″ × 3.5″
Coil Spring: 411 lbs
Spring Color: yellow

Ohlins TTX22M Features

  • TTX Damping Technology by Öhlins
  • Easy to set up for various riding conditions
  • 3 levels of high-speed compression adjustment (external)
  • 16-click, low-speed compression adjustment (external)
  • 7-click, low-speed rebound damping adjustment (external)
  • Nitrogen pressurized bladder reservoir system

TTX22M Technology By Ohlins

Ohlins TTX22M twin tube design enables gas pressure to backup the low-pressure side of the piston in order to maintain controlled pressure levels. This ensures consistent damping performance on all types of terrain. It also improves the damping response for excellent control of the bike and tire movement. The low-speed and high-speed compression, in addition to rebound damping, is externally adjustable.


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