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Lewis EP6+ brake system with Lever Reach and Leverage Ratio Adjustment adapts to various preferences for a superior braking experience. The EP6+ brake is equipped with 6 titanium pistons for powerful braking with 4 precision bearings in each brake lever for stability and smoothness. Additionally, their cooling fins and brake pads enable improved heat dissipation for high-temperature performance. Constructed from aerospace-grade aluminum, Lewis EP6+ Brakes are lightweight, yet reliably strong.

Lewis EP6+ Brake Features

  • Axial Cylinder 6-Piston Hydraulic Disc Brake System
  • Compatible with Sur-Ron Light Bee, Segway X160/X260, and Talaria Sting electric motorbikes
  • 6 Titanium Pistons with ceramic insulation engineered for powerful braking performance and stability
  • 4 Precision Bearings per brake lever pivot for unrivaled stability and smoothness
  • Independent Cooling Fins provide enhanced high-temperature performance
  • EP63 Brake Pads feature increased friction area for improved heat dissipation
  • Aerospace-Grade 7075 Aluminum Alloy for lightweight, high-strength reliability
  • 3-Bolt Caliper Fixation ensures caliper stability under intense conditions
  • Split Clamp Design ensures higher strength and easier installation
  • Ultra-Large Oil Capacity for improved wear resistance and reduced maintenance frequency (DOT 5.1 brake fluid)
  • Anti-Leak Oil System with detachable olive head makes it easier to disassemble the brake hose
  • Ambidextrous Brake Lever for left-hand and right-hand to accommodate different brake installation preferences
  • Lever Reach Adjustment: customize lever reach with 2mm Allen key (included)
  • Leverage Ratio Adjustment: loosen the fixed screw, then turn the lever ratio knob to fine-tune

Lewis EP6+ Brakes Specs

Brake Type Axial Cylinder Hydraulic Disc Brake
Material CNC 7075T6 Aluminum
Pistons Titanium: (4x) 14mm, (2x) 17mm
Cylinder Weight 5.3oz / 149g
Caliper Weight 9.2oz / 260g
Rear Brake Weight 20oz / 568g (with oil hose)
Front Hose Length 43″ / 110cm
Rear Hose Length 65″ / 165cm
Color Black
Clamp Type Split
Screws Stainless Steel
Lever Ratio Adjustment System Fine-Tune Braking Ability
Lever Reach Adjustment 2mm Allen Key (included)


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