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EMB ASI BAC4000 Plug and Play Controller Kit for Sur-Ron / Segway


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Controller quantity is limited to one per cart. Orders for multiple controllers may be canceled – you may reorder after getting one. ASI has released a technical bulletin that connecting bypassed batteries or batteries using an ANT BMS may cause current inrush to the precharge circuit that may cause capacitor failure. Use these modifications at your own discretion.


Update EggRider to 2.5.61 (even if it’s on a later version) then set display protocol to ASI in the display settings section prior to EggRider setup.

-Voltage selection and throttle selection are no longer required now that our app is out! Switching the voltage must be done at setup before the EggRider or LED flashing will occur indicating an over voltage error.

-Download EggRider for the iPhone or android via their respective app stores.

-Be sure to update the EggRider to version 2.5.61 prior to use even if it’s on a later version! – instructions here: https://manual.eggrider.com/firmware_update/overview/


-EMBTuner app free for all customers to control advanced parameters

-EMBTuner App includes a live display for important parameter monitoring

-Infinitely adjustable power up to 12kW – with supporting battery

-18 set-able power levels for on-the-fly switching via the EggRider Display

-Small display only showing the essentials to not clutter the cockpit

-Regen adjustment, phase amperage adjustment, field weakening adjustment, speed limiting, adjustable display UI

-Voltage switching for using multiple battery types

-Motor temperature monitoring and cutoff for high temps

-Low Charge warning and cut off

-Ride tracking features

-Adjustable speedometer for varying wheel/sprocket sizes

-Fully plug and play comes with everything needed

-Metric/imperial unit switching

Included in kit:

-FREE LIFETIME Access to EMBTuner app – No internet connection required

-BAC4000 by Accelerated Systems Inc.

-EggRider V2 Display

-Plug and Play Harness

-Phase wire extenders

-Powder coated aluminum brackets

-Hardware kit


Any modifications done to your battery/motorcycle are done so at your own risk. This modification is not considered safe and our video is not a safety guide. Mishandling lithium batteries can lead to fires, explosions and even death. These are not toys and should be treated with great care. Lithium products should always be stored away from any flammable objects ideally in a metal containment device. Batteries should never be left connected to the electrical system when the bike is not in use. Do not under any circumstances bypass/remove/tamper with the breaker that comes stock on the bike unless the sole intention is to upgrade it with a better version. Unsafe and not recommended battery modifications include bypassing the stock batteries or using batteries without an intentionally designed precharge circuit. First startup sould always be done on a stand to ensure proper performance.

This kit is not rated for more than 12kW at 400 phase amps. The Stock motor on the SurRon is rated for 8kW cont. and running at levels higher than this can potentially lead to cutting out or motor damage and should be done at your own discretion.

This kit is not waterproof! It is resistant to water and likely won’t have an issue getting wet but it’s not possible for us to make it waterproof without sealing the harness in place thereby removing the modularity of different harnesses. Take this into consideration when using the bike. This video outlines ways to improve water resitance in the system.

This controller DOES have safeguards in place to prevent you from damaging your motor or battery, however, it’s best to use good judgment when monitoring your motor temperature and deciding on power levels. You must understand the limitations of the SurRon’s electronics as stated in our programming video. We are not responsible for damage done to the electronics due to misuse. This includes monitoring your battery voltage and amperage as the controller should not be fully relied on as a safeguard. It is the owners responsibility to routinely check for wear on the hardware. Wires rubbing together for long periods of time or in harsh environments may experience shielding wear exposing raw copper which is highly conductive.

We will only accept returns on FAULTY controllers or ones that have otherwise not been installed. If you use your controller and decide you don’t want it, we CAN NOT accept a return. Use of the controller involves anything from mounting it to the bike or attaching pole wires from the motor. If you receive your controller with physical damage to anything in the package, contact us so we can get you new parts and submit a claim with the shipper (this must be well documented). Controllers in the possession of the buyer for more than 30 days will be ocnsidered outside “full refund” return window regardless of condition.

Warranties for any electrical component in OUR system is 1 year. Any non-electrical component has a warranty for the life of the company. This is only applicable to first owners of the kit! Once our kit is resold it is outside of our warranty. However, you will still be considered a customer of ours and can get discounted replacements. Painting or modifying the controller will void the warranty as will any self inflicted damage. GO HERE for additional information concerning warranties, shipping and refunds.

Attempting to extract our proprietary tune is theft of intellectual property and against the law.

Copyright © 2021 E-Moto Bros – All Rights Reserved.


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